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The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has started accepting applications for 'Foreign Films Production Support’ and ‘Series & Film Support', which are among the types of support introduced with the new cinema law.

An incentive amounting to 30% of the total amount spent in Turkey will be paid back to the foreign productions to be filmed within Turkey.

Foreign producers can reach any relevant information through a single point, which is the 'Filming in Turkey' portal.

The approval process has started for the applications of the foreign film production support and the series&film support to be granted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism within the scope of the Law no. 5224 on Assessment and Classification of and Supporting Motion Picture Films.

The applicants will submit the form which can be accessed through the field titled ‘Applications’ on the website of the General Directorate of Cinema and the required documents to the General Directorate via mail or by hand.

The assessment meetings for the applications which can be filed throughout the year will be held in 4 different periods; in March, June, September and December. An incentive amounting to 30% of the total amount spent in Turkey will be paid back to the foreign productions to be filmed within Turkey in the categories of feature films, documentaries and series.

Support for Series to be Granted for the First Time

With the new incentive system introduced by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, it is aimed to promote the historical and cultural values of Turkey to the world cinema audience and therefore, to contribute to the promotion of the country.

Having hosted world-famous productions such as Charlie's Angels, Inferno, Argo and James Bond Skyfall lately, Turkey is expected to become one of the important film shooting centers with new incentives.

Within this scope, the Ministry will also promote the Turkish series which have been exported to more than 150 countries and have broken rating records in the countries where they are broadcast and will support the series which have the potential to contribute to the international promotion of Turkey and Turkish culture for the first time.

‘Filming in Turkey’ Portal

A web portal that will serve as both a guideline for the foreign film producers and a bridge between Turkey and the global filming industry was also created.

The 'Filming in Turkey' portal, which was prepared in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, will provide all the information that foreign producers will need from a single source.

'Filming in Turkey' portal, which contains all the information a producer will be looking for, from shooting locations to casting agencies, shooting permits to visa applications, is also remarkable with its rich visual content.