Naruhito, the 126th Emperor of the East Asian country of Japan, ascended the Takamikura throne, also called Chrysanthemum, in a ceremony.

The Japanese Empress Masako officially ascended the throne of Micooda during a traditional ceremony held in the Imperial Palace in the capital town of Tokyo and attended by the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy to represent Turkey.

In the ceremony, attended by nearly two thousands of people from 190 countries and international organizations, the 59-year-old Naruhito wore a traditional belted dress in shades of brown called "Korozen-no-Goho" worn by emperors in the 9th century.

The new emperor of Japan also visited some temples ahead of the enthronement ceremony.

Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, who visited Emperor Naruhito and the Empress Masako in the Imperial Palace in company with his wife Pervin Ersoy, shook hands with the Prime Minister Shinzō Abe at the ceremony and met with high-level invitees of Japan.

Minister Ersoy Opens an Exhibition in Tokyo

While he was in Japan to attend the enthronement ceremony, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, the Minister of Culture and Tourism, also opened an exhibition titled "Looking into the 19th-Century-Japan Through Yıldız Palace's Photography Collection" where 90 custom-framed photos from the collection of Sultan Abdülhamid have been displayed in the new premises of Yunus Emre Institute in Tokyo.   

Organized as a part of the events held in 2019 for the Turkish Culture Year in Japan, the exhibition casts a light on a momentous time in Japan's history and offers Japanese people a highly diverse collection ranging from daily life to the sinking of the Frigate Ertuğrul. 

On his visit, the Minister Ersoy also held talks with Dr. Sachihiro Omura, the Director of the Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology and the Head of Excavations in Kalehöyük, and with Prof. Takafumi Matsui, the Deputy President of the National Space Administration in Japan.

As a part of the talks, the parties held discussions over steps that can be taken for Alacahöyük and Göbeklitepe.


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