Counsellor's Office

Counsellor’s Office of Press and Public Relations

The Counsellor’s Office of Press and Public Relations, working under the ministerial office, is created to plan the press and public relations of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and to ensure these relations to proceed in accordance with the rules and principles to be set forth.

The Counsellor’s Office of Press and Public Relations focuses on the effective sharing of the activities of the Minister and Ministry of Culture and Tourism with the press and media and also, the arrangement of press conferences and gatherings. The Counsellor’s Office engages in turning the activities and events of Mr Minister and the Ministry into news and sharing them on social media and visual and printed media. The office considers the demands made for filming historical places in Turkey. It responds to the interview or article demands on behalf of the Minister and Ministry. It is also charged with the task of announcing the Minister’s daily schedule as well as the events and activities of the Ministry through communication channels.

The Counsellor’s Office, also following the news and sharing about the Ministry on print, visual media and social media, conducts the “Press Room” on the Ministry’s website and manages the Ministry’s official social media accounts on @TCKulturTurizm. As part of its tasks related to public relations, the Counsellor’s Office is our ministry’s general coordinator for the Turkish Presidency’s Communication Center (known as CIMER in Turkish language).